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KOOL Driving School History

Kool Truck Driving School was established in 2008 and has grown to become one of the leading truck driving schools in Sydney NSW. This has been made possible through continued dedication to education and training. Kool Truck Driving School have a number of qualified instructors/assessors to train and assess the prospective students to help them achieve their goal of getting an LR licence, MR licence, HR licence and HC Licence.

Kool Driving School’s current business activity is to provide training packages for LR licence, MR licence, HR licence and HC licence.

The business has thrived to the point where it now has a significant entity and is ready to move into a new strategic direction, in part driven by change instigated by the Road Traffic Authority.
Kool Driving School became a Registered Training Organisation in January 2013. This was driven by two significant issues, the first being the need to diversify the Driving School Business, and the second is the plan for The Road and Maritime Service to require more aspects of Driving Instruction to be completed by the Registered Training Organisation.

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As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are able to deliver National Recognised training courses and issue our students with nationally recognised statement of attainment certificates. Prospective students can take comfort in knowing that they are receiving quality education and training from a professional team of instructors/assessors who will help them at every step to gain their qualifications.

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