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Need a Truck Driving Course in Sydney and NSW?

Kool Driving School has a range of truck driving courses to suit all licence classes in Sydney, New South Wales. Whether you want to get a light rigid truck licence to drive a larger minibus, or a heavy combination licence to drive the prime mover of your dreams, we’ve got a convenient and affordable course to suit.

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If you’re aiming to diversify what you can drive and further your truck or bus driving to an HR licence or Heavy Rigid Licence, then Kool Driving School is the way to go. The HR licence enables you to drive a truck or bus with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than eight tonnes […]

One way to gain an advantage in your career is to upskill and diversify both your skills and qualifications. This is great if you want to get a better job in a field you are already in or want to change fields, especially in the transport field. By obtaining your HR Licence, which is your […]

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Whether you wish to drive a small school bus, minibus or light courier vehicle, we have the tools to get you started!

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MR Licence Sydney NSW

A medium rigid truck is any rigid truck with two axles that has a GVM over 8 tonnes or a two axle bus above 8 tonnes GVM.

MR Licence Course Flyer

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